Day 1

7 Jul

Today sucked. But so far, here’s the recap:

-I cried much of the day.

-Navy refused a bottle much of the day. He’s taken a bottle before, of both breast milk and formula, so why he chose today to boycott, God only knows. He literally did the tight lipped pffffft every time I tried to give him the bottle. I let my younger sister try, Stockton tried, and finally, I bought new bottles and he finally accepted 4 ounces from my other sister. I cried outside of his door while she fed him.

-My boobs are so uncomfortably huge that I feel like I’m wearing a corset. I’ve been wearing a sports bra to try and constrict them as much as possible, and they are tender and sore and feel like 5 pound bags of gravel.

-I’m scared for tonight, both because I know Navy didn’t eat much today and because I’m usually a stomach sleeper and that will either result in too much pain or soaking wet sheets, so either way, I’m pretty much counting on a horrible night’s sleep.

-It has been almost 10 hours since I nursed or had any relief at all.  When I went to shower before church, I made sure to turn the water to a cooler setting and still, I was just leaking like a faucet.

So, fa la la. Awesome day for the books. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drink a healthy portioned cocktail since it’s not like I have to worry about pumping and dumping anymore.


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