1 Aug

I recently stumbled upon a new kids shopping site called Wittlebee that is one of many companies jumping on the monthly shipment wagon. I’m about to tell you all about it but don’t worry, I’m not fancy or anything so no companies give an at’s rass about this blog enough to have me write about their products for money (in other words, this isn’t sponsored, just my own two cents and no, there isn’t a coupon code at the end of this post- tough luck).

So I did happen to find a link online (which now I have no idea where to find SOWWY!!) for a discounted first month’s shipment. I believe it was $23 to sign up and get my first shipment. You register for an account and then select your style profile for your kid(s). It asks you a series of questions including what size you need, what climate you live in, what your favorite colors are, and if you need any special items (like swimwear or pajamas).

If you sign up for the program, you receive a box of clothing every month for $39.99 (box contains retail value of at least $100 worth of clothing). I think that’s a pretty good deal, myself, and the brands are VERY high quality. No Walmart up in here. Not that there’s anything wrong with Walmart, we all know how grimy kids can be so it makes sense to dress them economically, which makes this so great. I’m VERY particular about how I dress Navy, so I love that a program exists where he can get cute clothes of great quality for 60% off retail and it’s delivered to my door. And they have 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you aren’t happy with any of your items, send them back! They’ll get you something that you like better.

Here is Navy’s box. I didn’t LOVE everything, but I liked it all. It is all stuff I would dress him in and for a fraction of what I would have paid retail. Plus, it’s fun to open the box and be surprised.

Click here to sign up and get started on your own Wittlebee account. It’s kinda fun, I think you’ll like it. End company endorsement.



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