Takin ’em two at a time

28 Aug

Navy decided today that he was going to climb the stairs. It wasn’t the first time, but it was the first time I just stopped everything and said, Oh dear God, here we go. Let’s do this. And I watched him from a safely distant closeness. Notice I didn’t say a safely close distance. Cause I was more distant than close. I mean, I needed to be far enough away to get good pictures. CPS, hai, here’s a $20, now be on your way.

This is roughly where he was when I noticed he was trying to make a break for it. I have a minute and 20 second long video of the whole thing but I’ll spare you because turns out watching a baby climb stairs is about as entertaining as watching your pedicure dry only it doesn’t smell like plumeria and there isn’t a chorus of Vietnamese being spoken in the background.

Right around this point he started getting a little weebly, and Lola was all “You can doooo it ::Yippity yip yip ah-woooo::” followed by some major french smooching which Navy simultaneously loved and hated, as evidenced by the laugh/cry manic freakout that ensued. And then, just a moment later, he got a taste of sweet victory.

And he was all, “ZOMG THAT WAS AWESOME!!” He owns those stairs. He is the Stair Master.

Way to go Navy. I’m your biggest fan already. You could totally be a professional stair climber (but I don’t think that you’ll have much of a future in that, so let’s just use this as a jumping off point for your next big adventure) (Also, I’m glad this was fun for you, but a gate is being erected immediately to prevent any further sneak attacks. Love always, your fun killing mother).


One Response to “Takin ’em two at a time”

  1. Shelba J. August 29, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    Courtney,, love it!! Thanks.. xoxo

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