9 Monther

9 Sep

Navy is officially 9 months old. 3/4 of a year. A tornado of activity and mobility whose purpose in life is to destroy my house, one spilled beverage at a a time. No, but really – the house is just in a permanent state of damp because of all the spilling, drooling and other bodily fluids. Gross? Maybe. Wanna come over for dinner? Didn’t think so.

Also this: he sucks at napping. I get MAYBE 30 minute naps from him, 45 when the stars are aligned just right and I have nothing important to get done. On the days I have eleventy million things to do? He just defies the Law of Growing Babies and is too cool for napping. He does sleep 12 hours at night though, and my pediatrician informed me that babies his age really only need about 13 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period, so the two 30-minute naps a day make total sense. That does not make them suck any less, however.

He is tall, skinny and brainy according to his measurements at the doc, and yet again, he is off the scale in the looks department (What’s that? Bragging? Me?? NEVER!). Here’s the sweet progression of doctor’s visits over the last 9 months. I just don’t know why they HAVE to grow up. And become so squirmy and yelly. He was really so containable back in the day. Now? Mehhhhh notsomuch.


In keeping with his state of permanent motion, his 9 month photos are particularly All Over The Place.



And now my attempt at a normal 9 month collage, wherein I try to make the previous photos look slightly less Attack-The-Innocent-Giraffe and slightly more My-Baby-Is-Cute-And-Sweet-And-Look-At-How-He’s-Grown!


Love that ball of motion. Now excuse me, my 30 minute naptime has elapsed and I’m being yelled at on NavyCam. And do not be dismayed: he is not sleeping. Just hollering from a horizontal position.


One Response to “9 Monther”

  1. Shelba J. September 9, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

    Courtney – you are fantastic! And Navy Baby ? He is so loveable and “handsome”.
    Love to all.. xoxo

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