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My first handmade purse

8 Jan

I gotta be honest… for all the handmaking of things that I do, I really am finnicky about “handmade” and “homemade” accessories. I HATE when things look crafty, and if I think someone can pick me out in a crowd and say “Oh, she probably made that purse herself” then I’m instantly disinterested. So when I stumbled upon the tutorial for this purse style online I thought, hey that doesn’t look TOO homemade, maybe I’ll give it a go. And, voila, I did.

Their Version

Their Version


My Version

Mine turned out slightly smaller than it was supposed to, which bums me out, and is totally because I’m a dumbo and made a mistake halfway through. BUT if you’re not an idiot and can follow instructions better than me, here is the tutorial!! Since it’s not my original design, I’ll never make it for resale, but it’s really quite simple. I’m timid with regards to purse patterns, so if I say it’s simple, you can count on the fact that I’m not pulling your leg.

For me, this will probably not be my purse, but I think it’s a cute tote, and God knows I need a million of those for miscellaneous stuff. Plus, its expandable thanks to a couple snaps that make it about 3″ bigger around the top for big items. I see this tote going with us to the library, the grocery store, vacations, etc. Let me know if you make one – I’d love to see!


While I wait

6 Jan

Hello. It has been 76 days since I last blogged. Glad we got that cleared up.

My embroidery machine has taken a dump on me. Which is like a baker whose oven died. Or a singer who loses her voice. Or an architect whose ruler is crooked (hi Dad). Basically, it leaves me with all of the knowledge and ability and none of the tools to do my job, and BOO! It has been acting a fool since around November, which is CRAZY-VILLE TIME in the manufacturing and retail industries, so you can imagine that my usual level of neurotic was basically untethered and out of this world. Stockton was all, “OMG someone kill me” and I was all “OMG I’m going to kill someone” so we basically had to keep our distance from each other for a good, oh, 6 weeks or so. We’ve reintroduced ourselves since, and turns out, we still really like each other now that the holidays are over. How about that!

But that machine… damn it, that machine. It is in the sewing machine ICU right now, at a repair shop that LOVES to take their everlovin’ sweet time and pretend they have a monopoly on machine repairs and parts and so they make my life a living nightmare while my possessions are in their possession which tend to make me act possessed. You follow me?

In the meantime, in between pacing and calling them 25 times a day, I have been busying myself with some projects (both personal and professional) that involve SOLELY my good old fashioned standard sewing machine. It’s been fun. It has kind of been like reuniting with an old friend and being like, Oh wow, I forgot how much fun we have together, we should totally try to see each other more than once a year. You know those friends. Where a well meaning “let’s get together tmrw” text turns into a 3 hour coffee date followed by 2 hours drinking wine and before you know it you’re trying to remember all the Italian you learned in college and then carry on a conversation at Bar Louie near a weird Russian guy who you think might be checking you out, so you speak only broken, intro-level Italian, and basically you just say a lot of “I would like the Carbonara, please” and “where is the bathroom” because it’s all you remember. Hi Jen 🙂 Happy birthday, by the way!

This is the beginnings of a quilt I’m working on. For who? Ehhhh not sure. Will it be for sale?? Mayyyybe. Is there a chance I just might end up keeping it??? Probbbbbably. But mostly because it’s going to likely resemble a bad acid trip once it’s done and I don’t know how big the mind-altering quilt market is. I mean, we shall see. In the meantime, this is the first stages, and I guess therefore, a “Sneak Peek”. The finished product will be a staggered herringbone layout, made of all random girly fabrics (finished size will be for a twin bed). DSC_0489

It’s good to be back to blogland. Happy 2013.