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The time we accidentally ended up on national TV

15 Mar

I’ve spent the last week jet setting between Phoenix and LA for a mixture of family time and girl time with a couple friends. The reason? My good pal Kat conjured up a few Ellen tickets for Christmas and invited Lisa and I to be her sidekicks on her journey. Y’know, because we are obviously her friends who have the best dance moves. This is important criteria for going to Ellen.

We all met in LA late Saturday night and hit some major shopping and sight seeing on Sunday. We estimated that we walked eleven thousand miles. Except that whenever we wanted to go somewhere new, everything was 2.5 miles from wherever we currently were, so in case you want to get anywhere in LA, it is my experience that you have either a 2.5 mile walk or a 10 mile drive (because cabbies are crooks).

park1 hotrod katlisarodeorodeo drive

Sunday night as Kat, Lisa and I were sitting in our hotel chowing on some room service (because that’s what sleep-deprived moms on vacation really want if you know’m’sayin), Kat got the suckiest of sucky calls straight from Sucksville, USA. “Ellen is sick. The show is cancelled. We can try to get you tickets for a show in the future. What’s that? You all have 9 kids and 2 fetuses between you, hindering a future trip to LA? And also, yeah, NO MORE MONEY!? We’re so sorry. This is only the second time in 10 years she has cancelled her show.” OK I paraphrased a bit, but that was the general conversation that the producer had, basically with herself because Kat was too stunned to really reply much besides, “But, but, but….” So let me set the scene a little more for you. Kat & Lisa each have 4 kids. Both of them have 10 month old twins. Their husbands had to take time off work to fill in the roles of Mom in each household. Kat just moved into a new house a week ago. We bought our tickets in January. Lisa’s pregnant. So am I. I flew out to Phoenix on a hellcious flight with Navy (and Stockton thank God!) to get Navy to my in-laws’ where he would be cared for while I went to LA since Stockton had to work in Arizona that week. So, in short, the masterminding and logistics behind coming to see Ellen were NO SMALL TASK. Having it cancelled the night before was nothing short of crushing.

The next morning, we decided we would make lemonade out of lemons and spend the day mostly hanging out by the pool. Why not?! We could still relax and have a great vacation without going to see Ellen, and we were going to make the most out of things. Turns out Kat went to college with a fancy-schmancy producer in LA. He got her the Ellen hook-up back at Christmas, and was super bummed for us that it was cancelled. He then called someone ELSE he went to school with who is a fancy staff member on the Ellen show and basically, because of this trip, ALL MY KIDS ARE GOING TO DEPAUW! The Ellen staff member felt our pain and called us out for a special private tour around the Warmer Brother’s lot and Ellen’s private studio. For cryin’ out loud I got to go in Ellen’s closet!!! Now there’s a collection of trousers, blazers and chuck taylors for ya…


The personal tour was WAY more awesome than simply going to the show. We saw so much behind the scenes stuff, and had a really awesome time with Jill, the staff member giving us our tour. Also, Bethenny Frankel was the guest that day and meh. Didn’t miss her.

DSC_0138DSC_0136ellens studio

And OH I forgot to mention… When Kat’s buddy originally called us when we were back at the pool ready to catch some rays all day, he told us that since he’s the master of connections and knowing the right people, yeah we were going to be VIP guests at the “After the Final Rose” live taping following the Bachelor finale which JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE THAT NIGHT. WHAT THE WHAT!? There was jumping and screaming next to that pool that would put a Bieber concert to shame, mm-k? So immediately following our PRIVATE tour at the Warner Brother’s lot, we cabbed it over to the studio where the Bachelor would be taping. And then we cut the whole line because we were VIP, DUH. But really… I mean, getting the tour of the Ellen studio would’ve been enough to make us happy! Then we got tickets to the Bachelor but not just ANY tickets, these were VIP TICKETS! Like, huh!?!!?!??!! Our luck had f’sho turned around.

Once we got through the gates, we were basically informed that for the next few hours, the studio was our playground. We met & chatted with Chris Harrison, saw 4 of the former Bachelorettes walk in (also met them), were treated SO WELL by all the crew members, and just generally had a freaking blast.


chris harrison


me and bachelorettes

If you caught the show, you might’ve seen a few camera angles including the 3 of us as well as me looking like a doof answering Chris Harrison’s question during his “Ask the Audience” segment. I haven’t watched it yet, and I’m sure when I do I’ll cringe, but it was so fun to be a part of a live show that SO MANY people watch. My Facebook was blowing up that night.


If you are ever feeling down and need to hear from some friends (and strangers), I highly recommend going on the Bachelor… but maybe just as an audience member and not a contestant. Just sayin’ – it doesn’t always work out.


The trip went from being great to seriously amaze-balls (right, Lisa?). I have to give Kat a HUGE shout out for even inviting me on this crazy amazing trip in the first place and also for being a Depauw grad because that is where it’s AT! Such an awesome weekend that will go down in the books. Our 15 seconds of fame, and it was awesome.