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MOOTD – Wedding outfit

30 Jun

Since there’s absolutely no hiding this bump now that I’m 6+ months pregnant, I decided to start a new section on ye olde blog – a “Maternity Outfit of the Day” (or MOOTD as I will henceforth be calling it) section ((you’re going to fall into one of two camps about that – either bored out of your gourd or ¬†remotely excited to get some photographic outfit ideas for dressing your bump, of which there should be way more on the internet because dressing a bump is HARD, Y’ALL!)). So without further adieu and introduction, here is my first official MOOTD:

I wore this outfit to a wedding last night in Indianapolis, and it was really the perfect dress for the occasion and for my stage in pregnancy. I bought it early in my pregnancy knowing it would be a home run for all the weddings and dressy events we had ahead of us, for a number of reasons. 1) The length is perfect for a growing bump, which always makes things ride up shorter and higher than intended, 2) it’s STRETCHYYYYYYYY (angels singing), and 3) it’s not maternity (which means it’s actually a little flattering and in-style, as opposed to typical maternity clothing which is frumpy and inevitably has a lame drawstring belt around the top of your belly). Another reason that made it particularly perfect for this event was that we had to ride 6 hours in the car round trip, and it was comfortable enough to wear the whole time without having to bother with a change of clothes. Winner! And even though I have worn it to a few events already this summer and am starting to get slightly sick of it, I was able to accessorize it a little differently this time which made it feel fresh and different.

MOOTD - wedding


Dress: Anthropologie’s Frenchstripe Column Dress

Shoes: Steve Madden Purple Pumps (Similar here) c/o my sister’s closet

Purse: Tory Burch Robinson Envelope Clutch

Jewelry: Target Multi Strand with Beads Necklace and Target Double Drop Purple Earrings¬†(Note: I changed into the linked jewelry AFTER taking the photos… I realized moments before jumping in the car that I had the purple jewelry to perfectly match the purple pumps so they didn’t quite make it into the final photo).

Here’s a photo of Stockton and I at the wedding WITH the correct jewelry on and enjoying a gawgeous evening out on the canal by the Indiana State Museum (awesome venue, by the way).



We have already attended 2 out of 3 weddings this summer that are on the schedule and I wore this dress to both so far. Since it was a different crowd at both weddings, it wasn’t an issue to repeat the dress. As you enter into your pregnancy, I HIGHLY recommend looking at your calendar for the next 9 months and really analyzing your need for clothing; ¬†seasons you’ll be dressing for, occasions you’ll be dressing for… Even though the dress was slightly pricey at the time, I knew I’d get my money’s worth out of it, not only WHILE pregnant, but AFTER pregnancy too. That is, unless I wear it so much while I’m pregnant that I just have a total mental block against wearing it post-pregnancy (WHICH REALLY HAPPENS BY THE WAY!). Hopefully I can get over the mental block, though, because by buying clothing that really grows with you, you’re stretching your dollar so much more.

Here’s some other tricky advice you can take to the bank with you while pregnant: you can really make the most out of your pregnant look by playing up the parts you can control the most, which are your hair and accessories. Stockton bought me the gorgeous evening bag for Mother’s Day and I use it at every opportunity. It adds a level of non-maternity style and distinction to my outfits and plays up my love of beautiful, fashionable items even when I can’t necessarily wear all of the beautiful and fashionable CLOTHES that I want to wear. The shoes were also a fun pop to draw the eye away from the bump. If you are comfortable and able, I think all pregnant women should rock the high heel as long as possible. It improves your posture, makes your legs look great and you will carry yourself differently than if you clomp around in flip flops the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for flip flops, but remember to play up the parts you can still control: shoes, purses and jewelry!!!!! And like I mentioned before, don’t neglect your hair. Some women have their most beautiful locks while pregnant, and even though you’re tired and feeling ugly and not really in the mood to fuss with ANY part of your look (trust me, that was me during my first pregnancy) you will ALWAYS look 100% more polished and finished if you have done your hair in a deliberate style. Even if that’s a ponytail! Be deliberate about your hair and it will work like an accessory to complete your look. I used this updo tutorial by Kate from The Small Things Blog and again, it was a perfect hair style for our circumstances. I didn’t have to worry about it falling flat during the 3 hour car ride, humidity didn’t make anything get frizzy or unkempt, and it didn’t add more unnecessary volume to my body/face the way a curly or voluminous hair style could do.

So there you have it! MOOTD #1 for your enjoyment. Feel free to pin it, share it, use it and copy it if you are so inclined. Like I said, dressing a bump can be really hard if staying stylish and creative are your goals, so I hope this new series can help to encourage women who are in my shoes to try new styles and get outfit inspiration to dress your bump!