MOOTD – Basic Black

4 Jul

Every pregnant woman needs a fitted, black maxi dress. For that matter, ever pregnant woman needs a million maxi dresses of all different colors, patterns and purposes. They are the best staple for your pregnancy, but in particular, a black dress is a key item because you can change the look so much with your accessories. This dress is a total chameleon and that’s what you need when you don’t want to break the bank on tons of maternity clothes. I was even lucky enough to score this dress at Old Navy with tons of reward points at the beginning of the summer, so along with a few other pregnancy items, I got this dress for next to nothing. Hashtag winning.

OK, onto how I styled it. I kept it super simple, and dare I say, it’s not really worth a full blog post. Meh. I’ve blogged about far more insignificant topics before, so I figure I can whip up at least 600 words about a black shift dress. I obviously kept it very simple, merely adding a cute bag and matching earrings (and leopard print sandals which aren’t shown), but I intend to show you this dress time and time again with different accessorizing to show how to change it up. Also not shown, I carried a leopard scarf with me during the evening and threw it on as needed. Emerald + leopard = almost everything you need to know about 2013 trends. Run with that.

black dress


Dress: Old Navy Maternity

Earrings: Francesca’s Boutique (similar here)

Purse: Courtney Bock Designs Monogram Envelope Clutch

Shoes: Carlos Santana Tabatha Flip Flop (purchased at TJ Maxx)

Necklace: Courtney Bock Designs (Navy’s name)

The ONLY thing wrong with this dress is that the size small (which fits everywhere else the way I want it to) is slightly shorter than I want my maxi dresses to be. I might go out and buy the medium just so this lasts me throughout the rest of the pregnancy because this dress could be worn up until the day I deliver based on its versatility. With a jean jacket, with a cardigan, with a knotted chambray shirt…. you name it. This dress is the gift that keeps on giving.

And now a random tidbit of advice about dress shopping while pregnant: don’t always flock toward tops and dresses with empire waists just because they fit a bump!!! True, the empire waist is “practical” for draping over your growing belly, but it also adds a LOT of unnecessary volume to wear things that are overly flowy. Everyone is quick to accentuate the top of the bump, but the bottom of the bump is always getting the shaft, rarely accentuated. The truth is, if you can find something that is fitted without being unattractively tight (this is a fine line, so watch it), you will find that fit to be far sexier. And even though we rarely feel sexy while pregnant, you certainly aren’t going to look sexy in a tent, so find something that shows off that bump from top to bottom and see if it doesn’t make you feel more tailored and sleek. Being pregnant isn’t a death sentence, or a Look-Ugly-for-9-Months sentence.

Go forth and rock the under-bump. You have my permission.


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