An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

12 Jul

I called my old OBGYN office this week to request the medical transcripts from my pregnancy with Navy and y’all? It. Was. Staggering. It’s really no wonder I was hospitalized at week 36 with high blood pressure! I mean, sure there are other much more unhealthy and overweight pregnant women out there who don’t deal with those kind of issues and the blood pressure/weight gain stuff could have been completely unrelated but looking back on how much I gained and how FAST I gained it was enough to stop me dead in my tracks. I remember after Navy was born, how I expected (stupidly) to walk home from the hospital at LEAST 20 pounds lighter and feeling more slim and fit right away. Shitsaplenty, I was WRAWNG!!!!!!!! I didn’t even lose 5 pounds at the hospital (which makes NO HUMAN SENSE because Navy weighed over 6, so MATH THAT!!!). Here is a treacherous photo of me a few days after delivering Navy, weighing in at a whopping 185 pounds.


BAZOOMBA! Let me be ultra clear that there are MANY women of different shapes and sizes, heights and bone structures, that can pull off 185 (OR MORE!) pounds and look gorgeous. I am not built for that weight though, so it took over every part of my body. My boobs, my arms, my face, my thighs, my FINGERS for the love of Pete. It was a plague that hung around when I thought it would drip off of me like melting wax. Can we all just take a moment to collectively say that I was in DENIAL!? You don’t get this big without noticing it. Except I did. I would look in the mirror and think, “This is NORMAL!” or worse, “I’m doing SO MUCH BETTER than so many pregnant women” which just made me complacent with the numbers rising on the scale.

So as I looked through the transcripts this week (and the doctors’ notations that said things like “Discussed weight gain” after a 15 pound gain within 4 weeks), I got some serious resolve about me. I’m almost 27 weeks pregnant this time and while I know I’m doing better with the gain than I did last time, I’ve reached the point where it could become a slippery slope in a matter of a few missteps. See, in my head I look in the mirror and go “I can’t be THIN right now so screw it, bring me a blizzard” but THAT my friends is exactly the mindset that got me to where I was after Navy was born. Now look, I’m not super woman. I’m not a super athlete. I’m not athletic at all, in fact. I don’t really enjoy working out, I’d rather eat a McDonalds #2 meal than a salad, and I have never believed in deprivation because that’s what leads to binge eating. But after reviewing my transcripts and remembering how awful it felt to just be fat and uncomfortable post-baby, I’m determined to stay on a good path with this one. I haven’t done great so far, but I’m telling myself that it’s not too late to develop healthier habits that will accompany me through the rest of this pregnancy. Starting with my new gym membership and continuing with less snacking and  late-night sweets. This, my dear readers, is called common sense. Sometimes I’m slow. But I truly believe that it’s going to be easier for me to SLOW DOWN the weight gain than it will be to lose a ton of weight after the baby is here. So, as the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to Zumba (which should be really funny to watch, so feel free to join me at the 10am class at ICE if you’re in the mood for a little pregnant “Hips Don’t Lie” shimmy-shaka time).




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