MOOTD + Zulily Invitation + Sale Announcement OH MY!

23 Jul

This post is going to be short, sweet and simple because there’s not much to tell about this outfit other than it was one of the only appropriate things I had to wear to dinner recently given the SWELTERING heat that has taken over Northern Indiana. Drip drip. The’s the sound of my under-boob sweat pouring off me. Cute, no?

So this dress was on sale during the winter through Zulily. What’s that? You’ve never heard of Zulily? (OK maybe you have, but this is for the people who haven’t so speed read through this section if you’re already a member). The brand is Scrapbook, and I’ve always liked Scrapbook clothing. It’s, well, kinda scrapbooky (der?). Different patterns and textures that you wouldn’t normally put together make this a fun, quirky line that I’ve always been fond of. Even though I knew the dress was out of season at the time I bought it, I also knew I’d be big and fat and pregnant when I COULD wear it, and it seemed like the empire waist would be very forgiving of that big ol’ bump come Summer. And I was right. I love when that happens. SO, for all of you who are new to the world of Zulily, which offers daily sales of items for children, home, maternity and women’s apparel & accessories, I have an invitation for you to join right here! Click that there link and you can sign up to receive major discounts on all kinds of cute stuff like this dress and you’ll live happily ever after.


To accessorize my dress, I belted it with an Ann Taylor Loft belt (purchased a few seasons ago) because I thought it could use a little more definition. I threw on some Steve Madden wedges (also a few seasons old) and called it a day. It was simply too hot and sticky out to put any more thought and effort into the outfit than that, which is why dresses are gifts from God, because they basically do all the work for you.

In OTHER exciting fashion-related news, I will be pre-shopping the Flourish Boutique Overstock Sale tomorrow night and posting all about my findings so you can participate in the event from July 26-28. Stay tuned for details regarding all of the adorable things I find and their fabulously low prices. Wheeeee!!!



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