About? Where do I even begin!? I’ve written 5 “About” pages in the past, because lo, this is my 5th blog because I am schizo and must have undiagnosed ADHD and cannot focus on one blog theme long enough to keep it going and change my mind and become distracted constantly and LOOK SHINY THINGS! Sorry, we were talking about blogs. And my compulsive nature to close and reopen them. And close and reopen. And close and reopen. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Well, part of why I have been dissatisfied with my blogs in the past is that I feel like I’m going to be JUDGED and CRITICIZED and LOOKED DOWN ON because 1) I tend to be mouthy on paper 2) I tend to want to write ABOUT PEOPLE WHO I KNOW READ MY BLOG {and that’s bad for readership} and 3) I can’t settle on one blog topic (should I be a craft blogger? A mommy blogger? A wifey blogger? Should I not blog at all because there are already eleventy million of each of those blog themes already out there? Probably the latter, but odds be damned, I can probably get at least a handful of readers by being just another one of those same exact blogs that are taking up all the webnets. I mean, worked for them, right??).

So, without further ado, my name is Courtney {but you can call me Coco… or Courtney if you prefer. I mean, whatever}. I live with two men, and a long dog.  One of the men I live with is a baby, so he kind of only counts as a half man, and his name is Navy and he’s cute and smooshy and lovable, and buckle up because you may be seeing lots of him.

The other man I live with is my baby daddy (he hates when I call him that, but this is MY BLOG and I’m KEEPING IT REAL, remember?!) and we’ve been married since August 2010.

As for the long dog? You will probably be hearing about her occasionally, too, primarily because she has a way of finding herself in compromising (but totally blog-worthy) predicaments all too often. See: long hound in refrigerator. **Must remember to padlock fridge when she’s on the loose.

Can I haz a snackz?

So there you have it. My family. My stories. My goings-on. My blog (until I decide to delete it and start all over again).


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