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6 Feb

fdfI’m so sick of #mancrushmonday. Girls post pictures of unrealistically muscular and unshaven, shirtless men with their heart-eyed emojis and THUMBS UP stamps of approval. OR WORSE, they post pictures of their husbands looking their best or acting like Father of the Year, making every other mom or wife exhale a giant sigh… “Her husband is so kind to her… he always sends her flowers… Look at how he plays with the kids so nicely… they have the best marriage ever.”

I’m equally sick of #transformationtuesday. Where people find the most dated and/or unattractive photo of themselves and then pic stitch it to a glamourous selfie (which was probably attempted 15 different ways with different lighting, angles and filters) to say (in not so many words) “Look at how beautiful I am… Look at what I have blossomed into.” It is no more a reflection of your beauty than it is a reflection of your mastery of cell phone camera usage.

#womancrushwednesday is just flat out detrimental to the self image of women everywhere. The fact that men use the hashtag to idolize their mind’s version of perfection for the rest of their followers to see and compare is beyond unhealthy… it’s destructive. If you were to look up that hashtag (which I do not suggest) you would be accosted with over 4 million (4,132,316 to be exact) photos of sexual selfies, chiseled triceps, inappropriate amounts of cleavage, celebrities (who are so posed and photoshopped you may as well have posted a picture of a painting because it is created by an artist, not by nature), and scores and scores of photos that idolize something that most of us are, well, not. And if we’re just being honest, the subjects of those photos are likely not what they portray either.

None of these hashtags are promoting positive self image, healthy relationships, or honesty. They are promoting a war that is being waged on anyone with a smart phone or social media account. And that war has no winners, only broken hearts and carnage of self esteem that once was; bitterness where friendships once lived; competition among people who are all on the same team.

So enough. Enough of the bullsh**. I’m guilty of posting pictures of my family’s happiest moments just like the rest of them. And guess what? That means I’m guilty of creating a perception that my kids are always dressed in adorable little outfits, or that I spend tons of time snuggling on the couch with them laying across my lap or the biggest joke of all, that I’m doing “So much” as a work-at-home mom, managing not only my business but my family with ease. I CALL BS. On mySELF! Go look at the unfolded laundry in my dryer that’s been there for 3 days. Or the fact that my kids have been in their pajamas for 2 days straight. Or the fact that I HIRE PEOPLE TO HELP ME because I CAN’T do it myself. You guys, of course I only post the happy moments. Because in the frustrating moments, I’m too busy feeling stressed out to grab my phone and document it. Also, who wants to document the fact that the dog just ate a friggin diaper? Or that my two year old just used his $1.50 organic food pouch as hair product? Or that the baby is dealing with pretty bad eczema and I can’t seem to get his skin cleared up because of this darn winter weather? Or that I definitely still rock a mean muffin top in 90% of my jeans? THAT IS NOT THE STUFF THAT INSTAGRAM POSTS ARE MADE OF! But guess what? Our social media has become our looking glass into our lives; for friends, family and whoever else you’ve invited in. So let’s stop portraying the fairy tale and let’s just get real.

I’m proposing a new hashtag. For moms who are sick of the mommy wars. For girls who are sick of #fitspo and the fact that instead of the hashtag inspiring, it usually discourages. For men who see too much of other women’s skin on a daily basis.

Tomorrow, join me in #fulldisclosurefriday. Where we pull down the “filters” that we use to make our kids look sweeter, our tummies look flatter and our eyes look greener. Where we take a moment that might make us want to cry but we use it to say, “Guys, I’m struggling here… full disclosure… this is what’s real and what’s happening and it ain’t pretty but this is real.” Let’s use it as an opportunity to encourage one another instead of idolizing one another. Let’s use it as an opportunity to pray for that person whose toddler won’t nap. Let’s use it as an opportunity to encourage that girl who just got a terrible grade on her exam. Let’s use it as a chance to pray for the hearts of men who are fighting their own war; of female/sexual idolatry, of greed, of dishonesty, of self-promotion.

Even if you choose not to participate in #fulldisclosurefriday, let’s give all the other daily hashtags a rest. You’re fighting on the enemy’s team if you promote the epidemic of comparison, competition, self-deprecation and the polarization between groups that it creates.

Lastly, no I don’t intend to stop posting cute pictures of my kids. I think my kids are cute! I’m obsessed with them! And I want to capture that cuteness so that when they are tyrants, I can look at that cute picture and remember that somewhere inside of them lives a sweet child that I do occasionally like. And I don’t intend to stop posting pictures of my business. It’s my career, and my username reflects that, so if you don’t want to see those pictures, I encourage you to unfollow me! No hurt feelings. I understand that my work is not for everyone and I don’t wish to cram it down anyone’s throat who is disinterested.

I don’t expect for my Instagram feed to become a barrage of bummer photos because we are all in “Full Disclosure Mode” – I just want everyone to realize that what you see when you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook news feed is not usually reality. It’s usually a 45 second glimpse into a staged and appropriately-timed scene we created for the benefit of telling people “look at us… pretty amazing, right? DOUBLE CLICK TO LIKE!”

In reality, though, sometimes stuff ain’t pretty… but full disclosure… we’re all in this together. And I think you’ll be surprised by how many more people can relate to your honesty than to your vanity.

The rules:

1) Keep it real. No staging.

2) Keep it G-rated. Duh.

3) Open yourself up to vulnerability.

4) Don’t be fake. If you aren’t genuine, people will be able to smell it from a mile away. Save it for #throwbackthursday.

5) Example of a bad #fulldisclosurefriday: Photo of a stack of bills in your hand. BUT YOUR DIAMOND RING LOOKS STRATEGICALLY SUPER-SHINY! No ulterior motives here… you want to post about a stack of bills, post about a stack of bills. Don’t slip in some “look and be jealous” implication.

6) Example of a good #fulldisclosurefriday: You’ll figure it out. I don’t want to give you any ideas because I think you will know when the moment presents itself. And at the end of the day, if you post a content photo that says “Today was actually unexpectedly relaxing and peaceful” then THAT TOTALLY ROCKS! #fulldisclosurefriday isn’t a downer-fest, I merely want people to get real. Sometimes real is great, and that’s a victory. You post that happy photo.

So, even if you only ever do one #fulldisclosurefriday post, it might be fun to just exhale for once instead of watching for the next attack from the enemy that lives inside your head.

Feel free to share this post to get others involved in tomorrow’s hashtag fest too! The more the merrier. We are waging a war on hashtags – if tons of people participate, can you imagine what the power of prayer can do in one day? Can you imagine the personal emails or phone calls that could result from one person empathizing with another? Can you imagine the potential for real relationship? Let’s give it a go.

You can follow me on instagram @courtneybockdesigns if you want to join and/or see my post tomorrow.


MOOTD – A Family A Fair

1 Jul

Once a year, our church hosts a community service at the county fair grounds. It’s ALWAYS been a fun event with great music, tons of people and the smell of nasty farm animals. What could be better, I say!?! Yeehaw and amen and all that.

So Sunday morning was the big fair day (A Family A Fair as the church’s creative people dubbed it in all their creative geniusery) and I knew I should wear something that was verrrrrry flexible. Last year, the weather was a million degrees and people were dropping like flies, and this year there was rain and gloom in the forecast. Bearing in mind how schizophrenic Indiana Summer weather can be, I wore this non-maternity sundress and threw on a jean jacket in case it actually wasn’t a steaming inferno of elephant ear and manure combustibility.


Dress: Free People Sunshine Benji Linen Dress (Unfortunately sold out – I purchased this last summer while still working off some baby weight from my last pregnancy, so it’s larger than my normal dress size which works great for me now. Also, it was $13 – holla).

Jean jacket: J Crew Nolita Jacket

Shoes: Report “Cobb” Silver Slingback Sandal

Earrings: Francesca’s Whimsy Dangle Earrings in Red & Navy (similar here)

Purse: Tory Burch Dipped Canvas Tote (similar here in yellow)

The outfit worked great and my only complaint is that I was slightly limited in bending over to keep Navy entertained by fetching toys from the underside of his stroller without flashing the entire bandstand (something I highly discourage, especially when the occasion for the gathering is, y’know, church). Otherwise, the jean jacket with lightweight dress was a perfect combination. Speaking of jean jackets, I obsessed over the purchase of this particular jean jacket. OB-SESSED!!!! As long as I can remember, a good jean jacket has been an important staple in my wardrobe. I’ve always wanted a fancy schmancy designer jean jacket like this one from Hudson but could never really fork up the dough for the big names. I purchased a Gap jean jacket earlier this Spring in hopes that I would like it enough to make it my new staple, and I hated it. Loathed it. Shoved it away in my basement for the next yard sale and moved on to this J. Crew style. The thing with jean jackets is they have to be perfectly tailored so that they don’t look dated. They can be PERFECT for over dresses or skirts, but if they are too boxy or unstructured, they just look like you saved the one you had in the 90’s and busted it back out because, “Hey, it’s a jacket made from jeans… Check!”


Make sure if you’re going to try to wear this style that has been around for the long haul that you’re wearing the most current FIT of said style so that you look current. The J. Crew jacket was by no means cheap, but people who know me know my love of J. Crew and I had some gift card money laying around that was begging to be used for this item. Hence, the story of how my jean jacket came to be. Aren’t you glad I have a whole birth story for my jean jacket purchase? The next step in jean jacket insanity would be bedazzling it, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

So much is wrong here...

So much is wrong here…

For hair (which I mentioned in my last post as an equally important part of your wardrobe as the other elements) I went with a low braid. Something that, as a former short haired gal, I was never really able to bust out of my hair-do arsenal. If you’re going to wear a braid, keep it loose and voluminous. You want that height around the top of your scalp so you don’t look bald from the front and you want it loose so you don’t look too equestrian. Not that there’s anything wrong with rocking the horseback rider hair…. I mean… if that’s your thing. I’m a newby to the single braid, so I don’t have much input on it yet, but I think today it was a success, and certainly held up throughout the 15 minute rain shower that christened the congregation during the sermon.

And on an unrelated yet amazing note (literally) I will conclude with a video of my beautiful and talented sister singing the closing song at the fair. She rocked it. I got all teary eyed and gospelly while taking this video from the front row like a total stage mom. Enjoy!!

The time we accidentally ended up on national TV

15 Mar

I’ve spent the last week jet setting between Phoenix and LA for a mixture of family time and girl time with a couple friends. The reason? My good pal Kat conjured up a few Ellen tickets for Christmas and invited Lisa and I to be her sidekicks on her journey. Y’know, because we are obviously her friends who have the best dance moves. This is important criteria for going to Ellen.

We all met in LA late Saturday night and hit some major shopping and sight seeing on Sunday. We estimated that we walked eleven thousand miles. Except that whenever we wanted to go somewhere new, everything was 2.5 miles from wherever we currently were, so in case you want to get anywhere in LA, it is my experience that you have either a 2.5 mile walk or a 10 mile drive (because cabbies are crooks).

park1 hotrod katlisarodeorodeo drive

Sunday night as Kat, Lisa and I were sitting in our hotel chowing on some room service (because that’s what sleep-deprived moms on vacation really want if you know’m’sayin), Kat got the suckiest of sucky calls straight from Sucksville, USA. “Ellen is sick. The show is cancelled. We can try to get you tickets for a show in the future. What’s that? You all have 9 kids and 2 fetuses between you, hindering a future trip to LA? And also, yeah, NO MORE MONEY!? We’re so sorry. This is only the second time in 10 years she has cancelled her show.” OK I paraphrased a bit, but that was the general conversation that the producer had, basically with herself because Kat was too stunned to really reply much besides, “But, but, but….” So let me set the scene a little more for you. Kat & Lisa each have 4 kids. Both of them have 10 month old twins. Their husbands had to take time off work to fill in the roles of Mom in each household. Kat just moved into a new house a week ago. We bought our tickets in January. Lisa’s pregnant. So am I. I flew out to Phoenix on a hellcious flight with Navy (and Stockton thank God!) to get Navy to my in-laws’ where he would be cared for while I went to LA since Stockton had to work in Arizona that week. So, in short, the masterminding and logistics behind coming to see Ellen were NO SMALL TASK. Having it cancelled the night before was nothing short of crushing.

The next morning, we decided we would make lemonade out of lemons and spend the day mostly hanging out by the pool. Why not?! We could still relax and have a great vacation without going to see Ellen, and we were going to make the most out of things. Turns out Kat went to college with a fancy-schmancy producer in LA. He got her the Ellen hook-up back at Christmas, and was super bummed for us that it was cancelled. He then called someone ELSE he went to school with who is a fancy staff member on the Ellen show and basically, because of this trip, ALL MY KIDS ARE GOING TO DEPAUW! The Ellen staff member felt our pain and called us out for a special private tour around the Warmer Brother’s lot and Ellen’s private studio. For cryin’ out loud I got to go in Ellen’s closet!!! Now there’s a collection of trousers, blazers and chuck taylors for ya…


The personal tour was WAY more awesome than simply going to the show. We saw so much behind the scenes stuff, and had a really awesome time with Jill, the staff member giving us our tour. Also, Bethenny Frankel was the guest that day and meh. Didn’t miss her.

DSC_0138DSC_0136ellens studio

And OH I forgot to mention… When Kat’s buddy originally called us when we were back at the pool ready to catch some rays all day, he told us that since he’s the master of connections and knowing the right people, yeah we were going to be VIP guests at the “After the Final Rose” live taping following the Bachelor finale which JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE THAT NIGHT. WHAT THE WHAT!? There was jumping and screaming next to that pool that would put a Bieber concert to shame, mm-k? So immediately following our PRIVATE tour at the Warner Brother’s lot, we cabbed it over to the studio where the Bachelor would be taping. And then we cut the whole line because we were VIP, DUH. But really… I mean, getting the tour of the Ellen studio would’ve been enough to make us happy! Then we got tickets to the Bachelor but not just ANY tickets, these were VIP TICKETS! Like, huh!?!!?!??!! Our luck had f’sho turned around.

Once we got through the gates, we were basically informed that for the next few hours, the studio was our playground. We met & chatted with Chris Harrison, saw 4 of the former Bachelorettes walk in (also met them), were treated SO WELL by all the crew members, and just generally had a freaking blast.


chris harrison


me and bachelorettes

If you caught the show, you might’ve seen a few camera angles including the 3 of us as well as me looking like a doof answering Chris Harrison’s question during his “Ask the Audience” segment. I haven’t watched it yet, and I’m sure when I do I’ll cringe, but it was so fun to be a part of a live show that SO MANY people watch. My Facebook was blowing up that night.


If you are ever feeling down and need to hear from some friends (and strangers), I highly recommend going on the Bachelor… but maybe just as an audience member and not a contestant. Just sayin’ – it doesn’t always work out.


The trip went from being great to seriously amaze-balls (right, Lisa?). I have to give Kat a HUGE shout out for even inviting me on this crazy amazing trip in the first place and also for being a Depauw grad because that is where it’s AT! Such an awesome weekend that will go down in the books. Our 15 seconds of fame, and it was awesome.


About Pics (CBD)

1 Dec

about pics

Kindness Matters

25 Aug

I went to Indianapolis on a work-related day trip this week and came home with a sticker for my car (even though Stockton made his feelings on car stickers VERY CLEAR, I GET IT YOU HATE THEM!) because I think it’s a good reminder for not only people on the road, but for me!  Its message? In big white letters: KINDNESS MATTERS. Because it really, really does. I can’t tell you how many days I come home from my errand-running or finish out a day of reading work email correspondence, and my overall feeling is, I wish people were just nicer. Enter: my new philosophy.

Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. – Princess Diana

A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve. – Joseph Joubert

Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see. – Mark Twain


Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again. – Og Mandino

Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion. – Dalai Llama

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. – Aesop

K, now go be nice to people. You are dismissed.




2 Aug


God’s law > Man’s law

12 Jul

I’m not a political person, and in fact, I’m normally the last person to voice my political agenda in any forum, whether on my blog, on facebook, or in a small talk chat over coffee.  It’s just something that I consider personal and to be quite honest, I’m still forming my opinions about many issues as I mature in adulthood (complicated even more by the fact I’m now a parent and have a whole new set of concerns and opinions regarding THAT).  I read a quote the other day, however, that I feel urged to share because I think it’s shaped my opinions a little bit as we head into election season in our country.

“Do not judge a person because they sin differently than you do.”

I hope you will chew on that for a while and let your opinions about people be influenced by a spirit of grace and humility, considering no matter how much you look down on someone or disagree with them, they are no more sinful in nature than you are. God doesn’t hold you higher than them, so how can you rightfully hold yourself higher than them?

There are a lot of issues swirling around in our country right now that pertain to individuals’ character, life choices and decisions and actions that are extreme personal struggles and/or resolutions. Because of that quote, I choose to not form critical opinions about these people (hate the sin, not the sinner) but I will continue to seek out politicians that not only embody that spirit of grace (wouldn’t it be a nice if a politician of that nature were to surface in our country?) and politicians that base their decisions on Christian principles and upholding a government with laws based on striving to be sinless in a sinful world.

What I mean is, I won’t advocate a politician who votes for a law that promotes sinful behavior.

That doesn’t mean I’m without sin myself. I’m as sinful as they come. I’m wrong 100x more than I’m right in God’s eyes. But I serve a forgiving God and no sin that I commit is worse or better than the sin of my neighbor. It’s just sin. And it’s ugly in the eyes of God. So if scripture says “No no” to something, that will influence my vote this fall.  And unfortunately, in the tangled (and very sinful) world of politics, there are times that you must choose a lesser of two evils approach. Again, not to say that one sin is “less bad” than another sin, but it is critical to weigh out the influence that a law or endorsement will bring about. If a law goes into effect that will validate a wave of sinful behavior that God is explicitly against in scripture, I will not vote for the politician that endorses it.

Think of it this way: On the day of a federal trial, the judge said to a witness in a murder or rape trial “Tell us whatever story you like the best that will result in the outcome that benefits you the most, even if that means telling a bold faced lie” instead of “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?” That judge would be advocating a sin that God specifically condemns in the Ten Commandments (Thou shalt not lie). If that were the common practice because our government advocates the sin of lying, it would result in an upheaval of our judicial system and criminals would never be given just punishment for their crimes, which would be indeterminable based on the lack of a standard of truth. I’m certainly not suggesting that witnesses always tell the truth (we know that’s not the case, unfortunately) but the underlying governance is that you are expected to act according to FIRST the laws set by God, THEN the laws set by man. And the laws set by man should be based upon the laws set by God. The end.

I don’t need to be any more explicit than that regarding what kind of laws I’m talking about that will influence my vote. And again, please remember that it’s not because I’m judgemental or hateful or insensitive. It’s because God is bigger than any Commander in Chief, and he can lead our country in a much better way than any politician can. So, when God says “No no” to something, I’ll base my vote upon whoever adheres to God’s commands the closest.

I urge you to consider your feelings regarding how you want to choose our country’s leader. Turn the tables around, and consider some other commands made by God that our government could oppose by enacting laws that dishonor those commands (stealing is OK; cheat on your spouse all you want; kill whomever you need to kill to get ahead… you get it). And whatever side of the fence you fall on, I hope you will remember not to judge those on the other side of the fence because they sin differently then you.

“For ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” – Romans 3:23

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments” – John 14:15


“The book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your ways prosperous and then you will have good success.” – Joshua 1:8


Only the good…

18 Jun

My heart is so heavy tonight.  I don’t even have the words to express the sadness that I feel.  Just as surely as we are all born, we all will die, but that doesn’t make dealing with death any easier, does it?  Does it get easier, this dealing with death thing?  Do we just get accustomed to it after enough tragedies?  I looked through my high school scrapbooks this evening to remember a friend whose life was too quickly taken from him last night, and was able to count more people than I wish were true who have already left this world. I’m 24. Some of them never saw their 20’s.

And so tonight, I weep and I mourn the loss of a good guy. A really sweet, genuine, good to the core friend who despite his perfection of the tough-guy/blue steel gaze (which he apparently wore in every single picture taken of him), was just a loving teddy bear.  I had lost touch with Evan as our lives went in different directions during and after college, but I still have that punched-in-the-gut feeling that you get when you hear such horrific news as this. I remember one night in college (Freshman year), Evan called me from his car. He was on his way to South Bend from Wabash where he was playing football, and he just wanted to come visit me. And so he came, and we sat in the lobby of my dorm, and we talked for most of the night. When we had talked about everything under the sun, and when that very sun began to peek through the morning haze that had settled over campus during the night, Evan hugged me goodbye and headed back to Wabash. He was my friend. And I really really liked him.

But the thing that is breaking my heart tonight, is knowing that he was someone’s son. Someone’s brother. Someone’s boyfriend. And all of those people really really loved him. For he was so deeply involved in their lives that he was woven into the fibers of their character, their personalities, their hearts. They were who they were partially because of the impact and the role he played in their lives.  And while I put my baby to bed tonight, I held him and just thought about Evan’s mom. She cradled him as a baby, and even though 24 year old Evan probably didn’t make a habit of being held by his mother too frequently, he was still her baby. Her youngest of 3 boys. The last son she cradled. And I wonder when the last time was that she got to rock her baby to sleep all those years ago. Was it because he had a nightmare and she needed to comfort him? When did he outgrow his mother’s lap? And now, all these years later, and her baby is gone from this physical world, and she will never be able to hold her son again. And my heart can’t take it.

We live on a temporary line, dotted with events; there is a beginning and an end, and somewhere in between there are bits and pieces that comprise life. I know that Evan lived a very dotted life in his short time here on Earth. He lived with passion. He worked hard. He stayed out of trouble. He loved. He was loved. And his time came, and just like a rug being ripped out from under you unexpectedly, he was taken from this world. Unexpectedly.

Evan – Thanks for being such a kind hearted, sweet, gentle person. I could open up to you and talk to you about anything when we were just a couple of kids in high school and college. You were such a reliable friend. I respected and admired you. I loved being in your presence, and I know I’m not the only one that feels that way. I pray that your arrival to Heaven was filled with splendor, and I lift up praise to Jesus that you have a new body, one that is unscathed and unbroken, and. And.  And I never thought I’d be sitting here on June 17, 2012 just 6 years after high school graduation, writing you a letter from Granger, to Heaven. So forgive me that my words are inadequate and my keyboard is damp with tears. I just want you to know (and I wish I’d told you more often when I had the chance) that you’re someone I will always remember with joy and gladness, and whose absence from this Earth will definitely be felt. Thank you for being my friend. I’m glad I knew you and that you added dots to my line. May angels guide you in.

Always your friend, Court

Since it’s mid-June I guess I’ll post about May

15 Jun

My timing is (per usual) completely off, but May was a hugenormous month at our house, so here’s the light-on-words/heavy-on-photos wrap up of last month:

-Indianapolis Mini Marathon:

I ran my second half marathon on May 5 in Indianapolis with my little sister. It was a beautiful day (albeit hot) and I am slightly proud that I ran 13.1 miles almost 5 months to the day after delivering little Navy boy. I wanted to die at mile 12 where our family was waiting to see us right before the finish and Stockton, thinking it would be a super cool effect to video record me on his new slow motion video app (I almost said video tape, but doesn’t that refer to a device that indeed contains a tape roll, thus ruling out the iPhone as a taping device? I’m over thinking this SNAFU.). He, however, failed to think about the timing of my morning and that it had been about 3 hours since I had woken up our BREASTFED baby and fed him his last meal before my run, thus THE HUGE BOOBS WERE HUGE and my TWO sports bras weren’t enough to contain the intense amount of boob bouncing that was going on IN SLOW MOTION HOW HOT OMG. Except it wasn’t hot. It was really really scary. Those things could poke an eye out.

Here’s Maddie and I (arms up in the middle of the photo, I’m in black, she’s in purple) actin’ a fool on the Indianapolis Speedway, cuz we iz speedy.


Me finishing (bottom left). And my actual time was NOT 2:33:33 thankyouverymuch. It was 2:18 (which wasn’t great I REALIZE, but still better than 2:33).

Check out that face. SHOOOOO!!!!! Get me OUT of here.

-My first mother’s day ❤

Stockton (and Navy) got me a beautiful necklace with my boy’s name on it and it is officially a part of my daily uniform.

– {Family birthdays / Friend Baby Showers / Friend Weddings }

– Camp Mamiepapawana 2012 aka Summercamp!!

Last year my parents began an annual summer tradition of wrangling the entire ever-growing gang (we had two new members this year between Harper and Navy) and heading to their condo in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida for a week of fun, sun, and buckets of crazy drink concoctions. It’s nothing short of awesome and obnoxious. We even wear matching shirts like big touristy losers. And you know what? I don’t remember hearing anyone in the group complain because WEIRD GOES WITH WEIRD and we fit that bill.

Good big sissy feeding lil peanut


Mamie/Camp Director in her natural habitat

My little deck hand

Teaching Avalon how to be a shark. duh.

Beachin it with the babes

Camp directors / total cuties

We maaaaay or may not have taught Avalon the phrase “Get on my level” whilst enjoying 2 for 1 happy hour at the tiki hut…. I won’t comment any further on it.

First ice cream NOM!

Sand eater.

Happy mates.

Navy takes the helm – he’s obviously a natural


Harper’s all “Don’t cry Baby Naby. Eat da sand. Ees GOOD!!!”

Navy’s favorite activity of the week was surfing.

Carlos (c/o The Hangover)

The Crew. In all of our matchy weirdness.

So there you have it. That post wasn’t even that interesting but I’m exhausted. I don’t know how real bloggers do this on a daily basis.

Foot –> Mouth

10 May

Will someone please put a plug in me?!?!

And then there was that one time that I asked a Jewish man if it would be kosher for me to do something.

These are literally phrases that NEVER cross my lips. I can’t tell you the last time (if ever) I told someone I would “Stay out of their {nonexistent} hair” or if something is “kosher” oh my gosh my armpits are sweating just thinking about how embarrassing this is. It’s like I have tourettes!!!! And someone who actually has tourettes probably read this and is now going to write angry comments because now I’ve effectively offended bald guys, jewish people AND people with tourettes!!!! I swear, I don’t mean to be an asshole! It just… comes so naturally to me?? Oh my gosh!!!  What the hell is wrong with me!?!

Am I alone in this?? Has anyone else ever made a total buffoon out of themselves like me??? Crickets?? Awesome. Insert foot in mouth.